You could be charging your electric vehicle in less than a week with KC Electrics,  Auckland’s experts in EV charger installation.

Wallbox EV Charging



The Wallbox electric vehicle charging solution range provides fast, connected and intelligent charging solutions for home users and all types of commercial premises. Wallbox charger features include:

  • Charging capacity of up to 22 kW (fully charges most EVs within 12 hours).

  • Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity​​ for scheduled charging and real-time data tracking.

  • Power-sharing enables charging of multiple vehicles by distributing the available power evenly among all connected charging points.

  • DC Leakage detection Triggers an error when leakage current is detected.

  • Eco-Smart functionality uses the surplus energy from your building’s solar panels to avoid high grid energy prices. Choose between two modes to charge with 100% solar energy or a mix of solar and grid energy.

  • Power Boost measures how much electricity you use and gives the rest to your car – automatically adjusting the power and providing you with the best possible charging experience.

  • RFID compatibility restricts charging to selected people inside or outside your organisation (certain models only).

As accredited Wallbox installers, KC Electrics can help choose the right charger setup for you and install it – including any required electrical upgrades – in less than a week. We’ll even set up your Wallbox app!

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The MyWallbox smartphone app is the most user-friendly and powerful in the business. Just check out what it can do!

  • Monitor the status of your charger and control it in real time wherever you are.
  • Schedule your charging when energy is cheapest.

  • Protect your charger by blocking it from unwanted use.

  • Automatic charging reminders notifications, and a heads-up when your car is charged.

  • Enable advanced environmentally-friendly energy management features like solar EV charging and dynamic load balancing

  • Access payment options to charge at locations that offer Wallbox charging

  • Smartwatch app allows you to control your charger from your wrist!

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Home Solutions

Can’t wait to take your new electric vehicle for a joyride up the coast? Don’t get caught short with a Wallbox electric vehicle charging solution installed by KC Electrics. Our market-leading EV charger assessment and installation service gets you set up in less than a week – so you’re ready to go when your new EV is.

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Free property assessment

Within two days of you or your Wallbox dealer contacting us, we’ll arrange your home assessment to test the available capacity of your incoming power supply and assess your charging needs based on our extensive knowledge of dynamic charging and load management.


Within seven days of initial contact, our professional and certified electricians will install your Wallbox charger and carry out any necessary upgrades to ensure you get the most out of your Wallbox electric vehicle charger.

Testing and commissioning

Every Wallbox charger is thoroughly tested before commissioning – once commissioned, you’re ready to charge!

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Business solutions

No matter your charging needs, Wallbox provides a charging solution that works for you. Walbox commercial chargers provide a range of features, including:

  • Pay-per-charge or monthly subscription options for income generation

  • RFID compatibility restricts charging to selected people (compatible with company access cards and mobility provider cards)

  • Dynamic load management and power sharing reduces installation costs and the need for power upgrades

Whether you’re adding EV chargers to company or apartment block car parks, looking for a new income stream for your hospitality business, or changing your vehicle fleet to electric, Wallbox have an option for you. To find out more about the benefits of installing Wallbox electric vehicle charging solutions, get in touch with the KC Electrics team today.

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Recent reviews

“ I had a BMW charger installed by KC Electrics Ltd recently. They did an excellent job and were knowledgeable in this area. I recommend them for any electrical work without any hesitation. ”

Neil, Auckland

“ Easy quotation process and service booking done professionally by Kevin. Blake the technician installed our Tesla Wall Connector perfectly in a spot that we are very happy. Highly recommend using their service. ”

Cyrus, Auckland

“ The KC team installed a Wallbox in our garage. They were fast, tidy, friendly and highly professional. They made it easy and hassle-free. If you need a Wallbox I definitely recommend them. ”

Troy, Auckland