For most homes, a Mode 3 charger is the optimal charging solution. These chargers: 

  • can be run from the mains electricity supply
  • enable overnight charging from empty to full (usually benefiting from lower off-peak tariffs from your power company with a lower carbon output)
  • can be set up to use solar power (whether directly from solar panels via your inverter, or  through power stored in home battery setups).

Common brands include Wallbox and Evnex. 

Other than the speed of charging, what is the most important feature of a home EV charger?

Dynamic load balancing is a really important feature of your home EV charger. Dynamic load balancing is a smart charging feature that monitors the energy usage of your home and only allocates spare power to your charging station. Under high demand conditions, the charging rate of your EV charger is throttled, which ensures the main incoming supply is never overloaded and avoids any outages. We supply EV chargers with this feature built in for no extra cost.